IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2 Stability Issues and CrossThreadBuildingStargateReuse

Subject: IBM Recommended Solution
Problem (Abstract)
What is the CrossThreadBuildingStargateReuse parameter in the tm1s.cfg?

Resolving the problem

The CrossThreadBuildingStargateReuse optimization recognizes when multiple threads seeking an identical stargate that happens to be midway through creation on another thread. Threads using this optimization wait until the building stargate is complete, then make use of it (rather than to create a redundant stargate – redundant because the cube’s ViewStorage will store only one of these identical stargates).

This configuration has three states: Always use the optimization, Never use the optimization, and Don’t Care.

  • 0: Never use the optimization, no matter what.
  • 1: Always use the optimization, no matter what.
  • 2: Enables this technique only after TM1 server started receiving


Findings from my environment that disabling CrossThreadBuildingStargateReuse (setting it = to 0) will have a slight to moderate performance impact, however, instance crashes during spreading operations have been eliminated.  Not necessarily a long-term solution.


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