Downloading Google Music Library with Resume (YouTube Music Migration / Play Music End of Life)

As many Google Music users know, the service that we all enjoy is allegedly being ushered out of the product stable to migrate its user base to the less robust YouTube (YT) Music service.  If you have accumulated a large library over the years its very likely you’ve experienced significant hardships trying to download it – via chrome or the music manager desktop app.  Using chrome was never and option for large libraries – i gave this a shot.  You are looking at days not hours + the fragile by design chrome web browser will balloon in memory, make the system crawl and ultimately crash – then invites you to start your download all over again!

The music manager desktop app exhibited similar behavior, albeit more stable – until recently.  Now, it seems that you can in fact, resume your library transfer!

Windows 7 Client running in QEMU downloading Google Music library after many reboots – resumes where it left off.

I opted to approach this with a virtual machine.  The desktop app is picky, it will not run on a server os nor will it run in a VM – at least it prefers not to.  By changing your vm’s mac address to a random one rather than a vm specific MAC, music manager will run happily in a VM.  I accomplished with QEMU and set it up to transfer to an iSCSI target as the machine would be quickly disposed of after the transfer (eventually) completes.  The reason for using a VM is two fold – I wanted to have it run in the background on a server & good luck getting the Linux version of the desktop app (its old, flaky, deprecated, dependencies, etc) to work 🙂


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