Installing TP-Link Omada Controller on Ubuntu

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I recently purchased a TP-Link EAP-225v3 and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary.  My former access point, a D-Link DAP-1650 as mentioned here, was neither great nor particularly inexpensive.  The TP-Link hardware is near business class and relatively cheap at about 50 – 100 dollars per unit.  Power over ethernet (POE) is also a wonderful addition.  Back-hauling a wireless network over ethernet is the only serious way to build a reliable WAN.  Ultimately, this makes roaming and traversing access points seamless, fast and transparent to the client.  What makes this possible is the Omada backend controller software.  The installation process and the configuration are explicitly simple;  the following commands got the server up and running on my Linux router in minutes.  There are also windows builds of the application as well, should that be your preference.

wget ""
apt install jsvc -y
apt install curl -y
apt install net-tools -y
tar zxvf Omada_Controller_v3.2.1_linux_x64.tar.gz
cd Omada_Controller_v3.2.1_linux_x64

note – find the latest version from



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