Installing DNF on Centos 7 / RHEL

The people at Fedora developed DNF as a successor or next generation version of YUM. DNF does all of these and supposedly more. DNF stands for nothing in particular. Or it stands for Dandified YUM. DNF was first introduced in Fedora 18 and replaced YUM completely in Fedora 22.

Advantages of DNF

​DNF comes with a simplified code with about 29000 lines of code compared to over 59000 in YUM. The following features of DNF have been mentioned.

  • Support for multiple repositories
  • Simple configuration
  • Dependency calculation based on modern depsolving technology
  • Faster and less memory-intensive operation
  • RPM-consistent behavior
  • Package group support, including multiple-repository groups
  • Simple interface
  • Documented, solid Python API
  • DNF runs in both Python 2 and Python 3
  • C bindings for lower level libraries:
  • Hawkey for package querying and depsolving. PackageKit is already making use of Hawkey
  • librepo for repo operations. PackageKit is already making use of librepo
  • libcomps for comps operations

Installing DNF

Ensure that you have EPEL libraries enabled and run the following:

yum install -y dnf

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